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According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there are approximately 3,000 train accidents in the United States annually. These accidents result in about 1,000 deaths and many physical injuries, such as amputations, broken bones, eye injuries and blindness, head injuries, neck injuries, and spinal cord injuries. This can strongly impact the lives of the victims indefinitely, depending upon the type and severity of their injuries. If you have been involved in a train accident in California or Nevada, please contact a railroad accident attorney at Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation.

Listed below are some recent U.S. railroad accident statistics:

More than half of all railroad accidents occur at crossings that are unprotected.

More than 80% of railroad crossings do not have adequate warning devices.

Every 90 minutes there is a train accident or derailment.

Approximately every two weeks, a train transporting hazardous materials derails off the tracks.

In certain cases, entire towns and communities may be harmed as the result of a train accident, due to the spilling of hazardous materials or dangerous chemicals. Depending upon the substance that the train was transporting, there can be any number of serious side effects due to chemical exposure.

There are many factors that must be considered when determining if the railroad company was at fault for the accident, or if they could have prevented the accident by implementing proper care and maintenance. Railroad and train accident laws are very complex, and train collision cases should be handled by lawyers with experience and extensive knowledge in this area of law. Contact Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation today for a free consultation with a California railroad accident lawyer.

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