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Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney

Who doesn’t think mass transit is a good idea? The reasons for the system are many; however, most busses are big and intimidating, especially when you are trying to share the road with them in your economy sedan. Busses also demand the public trust that drivers have been screened and trained to be professional, courteous, and extra cautious.

Busses Aren’t Just Big Cars

Busses are nothing like cars other than the obvious. They handle differently, and in an accident, they can cause serious damage and injuries. Even a low speed fender bender could result in injuries or even death. The driver needs special training to maneuver in traffic and be aware of the cars and bicycles around the bus. Proper use of turn signals and other lights are also critical. Any mistake has serious consequences.

Bus Liability

Busses aren’t just liable to the vehicles around them, they are also liable for the safety of their passengers. Bus accidents can result in multiple injuries. If you have been in a bus accident as either a passenger or as the occupant of another vehicle, then you need to contact CMPCC. Establishing your rights as soon as possible is critical to your case.

The liable parties in a bus accident might include the driver, the maintenance company, the owner of the bus (usually a municipality), and one or more insurance companies. By determining the events and liability as well as gathering evidence and testimonies about the accident as soon as possible, we can build a stronger case that may result in a more favorable settlement. This is why contacting us soon is so important.


The aftermath personal injuries after bus accidents are often tragic. At CMPCC, we are experienced bus accident attorneys; we know what it takes to secure the settlement you need. We know that any settlement offered by the insurance companies won’t cover your needs or adequately compensate you for your pain and suffering.

At CMPCC, we live up to our name with every case. We don’t settle for anything less than you need and deserve and we have the experience to prove it. Give us a call today.

What Happens Next

After you call us or fill out our form, we will get in touch with you and ask you about your accident. We will schedule a free consultation with one of our expert attorneys. They will review all of the facts of your case and give you a recommendation on how to proceed.

If you and the attorney decide we are a good fit for your case we will represent you fiercely in court.

Contact us today to start the process of recovering from your car accident.

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Dunbar Armored Cars
Result: $15,000,000

Our client was driving on the freeway when an armored car went out of control and landed on him. The armored car company negligently entrusted the vehicle to the unskilled driver who caused the accident. Our client sustained brain damage.

Result: $4,300,000

Our client was a passenger in an auto that rolled over because its driver was intoxicated. The client was rendered paraplegic.

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